Our Team

Mr. Manav Sojitra (CEO)

Manav is the founder and CEO of Oofy Organics. He is passionate about sustainable agriculture and healthy living. Manav oversees the company’s strategy and operations, and is committed to delivering high-quality, organic products to customers.

Mrs. Amita Sojitra (COO)

Amita is the Chief Operating Officer at Oofy Organics. She has extensive experience in managing operations and logistics, and is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the company’s day-to-day operations. Amita is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with customers.

Mr. Manish Sojitra (CFO)

Manish is the Chief Financial Officer at Oofy Organics. He has expertise in financial management and accounting, and is responsible for managing the company’s finances and ensuring financial stability. Manish is committed to driving growth and profitability for the company while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency.
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