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Bilona Ghee is prepared using the traditional method of making ghee which ensures that the nutritious content like vitamins, minerals, protein, iron and calcium does not get compromised. Our Desi Gir cows love free grazing and listening to music while living their best life which ensures a really good quality A2 milk which is highly nutritious.

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The process

The process of preparing Bilona Ghee is quite elaborate where the fresh cow milk is boiled first and then cooled down. In the later stage, the milk is fermented overnight to get A2 curd. The curd is churned to extract Makhan which is heated to get Bilona Ghee. This ghee does not contain any preservatives, chemicals or additives which are usually used by companies during mass production of ghee.


Ghee is considered medicinal and therefore, it is a very important part of our regular diet. Bilona ghee adds a good flavor to your food while making sure that the food is full of nutrients. It is advisable to consume ghee with hot foods only as ghee needs something hot to support proper digestion. It is also rich with antioxidants, boosts your immune system and ensures a good heart health

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